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Kulalai company of Japan has introduced new packaging materials with high light and gas shielding properties. Kulalai company, which specializes in the production of high barrier plastic packaging materials in Japan, has recently developed and introduced a new material, which not only has the performance of high gas shielding, but also has the properties of light shielding and light shielding, The main experimental results of the microcomputer controlled tensile testing machine are far more than the oxidation, discoloration and discoloration of the digital display caused by the invasion of light and oxygen. This film material is a new generation of "Ebar" film packaging material

the company is the first company in the world to develop and produce "Ebar" high gas barrier film materials. The gas barrier of "Ebar" is about 10000 times that of common polyethylene film materials. Its excellent packaging characteristics are highly praised by the market. As the transparency of Ebar film is high, for those foods that need special protection from light, especially ultraviolet radiation, such as Ebar materials to prevent damage to the seals and check valves of the booster pump of the pressure blasting test machine, it is also necessary to compound them with other materials with good shading properties. Now, let TCM withdraw from the national medical system within five years. The newly developed film with both light shielding and gas blocking properties can be used as food packaging materials without using aluminum foil composite materials such as pet and pp. instead, it can directly use the "Ebar" new products. This solves the problem of avoiding the use of aluminum materials with high shielding and gas resistance. Ebar new material not only has the shading and high barrier properties close to aluminum foil, but also eliminates the aluminum foil material. This new packaging material can be used in the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and beverages

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