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Kobe iron and Steel Company of Japan plans to spend 800 million US dollars to build a plant in the United States- Select and affirm 97 pilot demonstration projects 11 China Construction Machinery Information

Japan Kobe iron and Steel Co., Ltd. plans to invest 100billion yen (about 832million US dollars) to build a factory in the United States to supply Japanese automobile enterprises with production capacity in North America

Hiroshi Kato, a senior employee of Shengang, said that since the company may need to expand the capacity of the plant in the later stage, the investment amount exceeded expectations. However, the construction time and specific location of the new plant have not been determined yet

in addition, as the scale of the comprehensive plant will be expanded three to four times compared with the original plan, Kobe Steel may seek customers outside the automotive industry in order to achieve balance of payments for the quality assurance of Jinan gold testing machine

as car companies compete to launch new models with lighter weight and higher fuel economy, the demand for lightweight metals is also growing. Toyota Motor Company plans to use more aluminum materials in its North American models, including Camry

hiroshi Kato said that the industry data showed that by 2024, the aluminum used for car bodies in North America would increase from 150000 tons last year to 1.7 million tons. The market size and growth rate were higher than those in Japan, and the aluminum demand of the latter might double to 50000 tons in the next 10 years

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