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Japanese media: China's "protracted war" is entering the second stage and should assume the responsibility of a big power. The original title: China's "protracted war" is entering the second stage. 2. Kuala Lumpur was heavily guarded on November 22, 2015. As soon as the opening ceremony of the 10th ASEAN summit was over, several black cars and the following white cars left the venue. In the car was Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council of China. His destination is the Strait of Malacca

the sensitive Malacca

ensures that once it is in a state, it can contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting.

Li Keqiang, standing high overlooking the Strait, said that in order to achieve peace and friendship, we must resolve contradictions and opposites and further deepen exchanges. The reason why Li Keqiang stressed so much is that this is the lifeline of China's economy. About 80% of China's imported crude oil is transported through the Strait of Malacca. China has a strong sense of vigilance against the US military blockade of the Strait under the R & D status

Li Keqiang made use of the tense schedule of "cutting corners" between international conferences to investigate the Malacca Strait, which is intended to show China's strong will to ensure maritime access. Li Keqiang mentioned that Zheng He, the navigation hero of the Ming Dynasty, once took Malacca as the base, and repeatedly emphasized the historical ties with China. In September, China and Malaysia held their first joint military exercise here

Mao Zedong wrote on protracted war at the height of the Anti Japanese war. This became the strategic theory that "weak and small China" defeated "strong Japan" at that time. Mao Zedong pointed out that in the first stage, we should adhere to strategic defense, in the second stage, we should establish base areas in places where the enemy is weak, and then launch a counter offensive in the third stage. In the second stage, the international situation will also be beneficial to China

China is also making preparations for the closure of Malacca. China is building an oil and gas pipeline to the Indian Ocean via Myanmar as a resource transportation route to bypass Malacca. In addition, the construction of a canal connecting the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean in southern Thailand is also planned

the Panama Canal, which has great influence in the United States, is the same. At the end of 2014, a Hong Kong enterprise reportedly close to the Chinese government began to prepare to build the Grand Canal in Nicaragua next to the Panama Canal. If it can be completed in 2019 as originally planned, large ships that cannot pass through the Panama canal can also choose this route. The longest service life is 100 years. China will take the lead in connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean

In late November 2015, this Hong Kong enterprise suddenly announced that the formal construction would be postponed to the end of 2016. It was originally planned to start construction at the end of 2015. Some Chinese media said that the project was found to have serious problems in the environmental investigation. It is also reported that the bosses of Hong Kong enterprises suffered huge losses in the stock market crash in the summer of 2015. For a time, there were different opinions, and the truth was unknown

if China formally enters the second stage of the protracted war, the friction with the world will further intensify. If we can't really shoulder the responsibility of a big country, the world's mistrust and anxiety towards China may further heat up

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