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The 2015 China International color box exhibition, which combines Japan and South Korea with machete wx

will be held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie street, Dongguan from September 16 to 18, 2015. As a leading color box packaging and manufacturing event in Asia Pacific, the exhibition gathered many well-known packaging and printing equipment suppliers, and the display equipment covered the equipment required for various processing processes such as printing, die cutting, film coating, bronzing, box pasting, etc. in color box processing. Among them, the scimitar machine technology will be a highlight of this exhibition

Shenzhen wameisheng Technology Co., Ltd. decided to participate in the exhibition in June, which was the first time that Shenzhen wameisheng Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition

Shenzhen womeisheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech production enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of full-automatic computerized scimitar machine, and the supporting sales of a full set of knife mold equipment mainly including laser cutting machine and computer cutting machine. The company has decades of relevant industry experience and a strong technical team. The equipment has high precision, good stability, convenient operation and simple maintenance, and conforms to international quality standards. The company has introduced foreign advanced control technology, which has been highly praised by customers for its high performance, comprehensive functions, simple operation and close to the needs of enterprises. We have always been committed to the development of knife mold machinery and equipment in the most professional spirit. At present, our main R & D, production and sales products include: automatic Japanese machete machine, automatic Korean machete machine, Japanese Korean combined machete machine, supporting cooperative sales of double head laser cutting machine, 400 Watt single head laser cutting machine, 1000 Watt laser cutting machine and full-automatic cutting machine. The company has always been known for its professionalism and integrity. In recent years, our bending and cutting machines and equipment have solved many difficult problems for the shoe industry, electronics, printing, plastics, toys and other industries, and doubled their production efficiency and industrial utilization. The company does a good job of pre-sales and after-sales service in a consultative way, and makes a commitment that the products are replaced in one month, guaranteed for free in one year, and maintained for life, and implements this policy with customers in the form of contracts. The company can also design cutlery equipment and production supporting molds that can meet customers' special needs according to customers' requirements. Bending and cutting equipment is widely used in various production fields in modern industry. With the ever-changing needs of industrial development, we will continue to work hard to develop better automated machinery and equipment

as a supplier of machete machine, Shenzhen waomesheng Technology Co., Ltd. will present its machete machine wx-910 equipment combined with Japan and South Korea at the exhibition

wx-910a is a multi-functional full-automatic cutter bending machine, which has the characteristics of automatic high and low olecranon, automatic bridge position (anti knife sticking with air blowing and waste discharge), automatic bending, two-way shear. If we say that the day and night production line is the "lifeline" for entrepreneurs, continuous screw feeding, Korean pin bending and so on. The humanized appearance design makes the operation easier. Its functions include:; Automatic continuous high and low bridge positions, two-way horizontal shear, continuous processing mode and no need for special personnel to watch. (advantages: the screw rod is continuously fed and matched with the pin bending, which ensures the precision and takes the lead in starting the construction of Maozhan refining and chemical base, while making the bending more in place and reducing the tool repair time) the convenient double cutter head design makes the tool change safer and more convenient. Cutting mode: automatic positive and negative cutting can be easily realized without identifying the direction of the graph when selecting the graph. This function effectively solves the problem that the head end straight line is short or the graph is limited in recent two years. It plays a great role especially when unattended, greatly saving the working time and cutting materials, making the scimitar more convenient and fast

with the favorable sales of machete equipment, 2015 China International color box exhibition has therefore developed into an efficient trade platform for knife mold equipment manufacturers to appear on the stage. Many well-known brands take this opportunity to carry out publicity and trade, and conduct zero distance communication and negotiation with new and old customers. Insiders believe that the hot launch of 2015 China International color box exhibition is expected to set off a new round of sales climax in the color box packaging industry. Shenzhen womeisheng Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to visit booth 3F and feel the charm of Japanese and Korean technology

about 2015 China International corrugating Exhibition China International corrugating exhibition is a leading professional corrugating equipment, consumables and technology exhibition in the world. It gathers more than 600 industry leading brands in a 67000 square meter exhibition area, presents more than 1400 high-end and cost-effective equipment and more than 1000 kinds of consumables, assists carton factories in making efficient procurement decisions, and provides them with a channel to learn about cutting-edge products, innovative technologies and market dynamics, Build a unique platform for valuable communication with suppliers. As the world's leading corrugated packaging manufacturing exhibition, with the release of many new products, the prediction of market development trends and the active participation of industry elites, China International Corrugated exhibition will lead the rapid development of the industry

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Reed Exhibitions group Greater China is a subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions group, the world's leading organizer of exhibitions and conferences. Reed Exhibitions has more than 3500 employees around the world, holds more than 500 exhibition projects in 40 countries, and its exhibition and conference portfolio serves 43 industries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. In 2013, Reed Exhibitions attracted more than 6million participants from all over the world and reached billions of dollars of business transactions for its customers

after more than 20 years of rapid development, Reed Exhibitions Greater China has now become the leading exhibition organizer in China, with eight outstanding member companies: Reed Exhibitions China, Sinopharm Reed Exhibitions Co., Ltd., Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Beijing Reed Exhibitions Huaqun Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lixin Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing Reed Exhibitions photosynthetic Exhibition Co., Ltd Reed Exhibitions Huabai Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Henan Reed Exhibitions Hongda Exhibition Co., Ltd

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