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Japanese media: Jinan experimental machine factory in Japan will design a fair solution to meet your testing needs and business status. There is no sign of bottoming out in the decline of machine tool export orders to China

[global comprehensive report] the Japanese economy reported on October 24 that the machine tool order amount (fixed value) in September released by the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Japan trade union) on October 23 showed that Japan's export order amount to China decreased by 22.0% year-on-year to 18.9 billion yen. It was lower than that of the previous year for seven consecutive months. Due to trade frictions, the trend of reducing investment in China is expanding. At present, there is still no sign of bottoming out, and the downward risk of the share price and performance of Japanese machine tool enterprises is strengthening

Chinese customers began to pay attention to the price and performance. The person in charge of the construction elevator classification gb/t10052 ⑴ 996 of Tsugami Corporation, an automatic lathe manufacturer used for auto parts manufacturing, experienced the change in business conditions in China

in recent years, some Chinese customers did not pay attention to the price and said that they would sell them to us anyway. Automobile related customers care about whether they can buy machine tools. The official said that the serious seller's market, which can be called abnormal, has returned to the normal negotiation

the head of brother industries also said that orders from China have slowed down significantly. The company is famous for its household sewing machines, but one of the main cash cows is machine tools for China. The company's machine tools are used to produce intelligent housings in China, which has always supported the company's performance. But now the headwind of the US trade war is blowing in China

according to Okuma, a Japanese machine tool manufacturer, foreign demand in Europe and the United States remained strong as a whole. However, due to the downturn in orders in automobile related fields, orders for China's exports decreased by about 30% year-on-year in September. The sales of models with high unit prices have declined, and the number of customers who buy multiple sets of models with low prices has also decreased

previously, the main reason for the slowdown in the Chinese market was the decline of electronic manufacturing OEM services (EMS) such as intelligence, but the impact seems to have expanded to the automotive and robot industries. Okuma's president, Yoshihiro Hanaki, said that China is still a growth market in the medium and long term, but customers may maintain a wait-and-see attitude in the next six months or so

according to the statistics of Japan Machine Tool Industry Association, the foreign demand (export) increased by 1.1% in September, reaching 89billion yen. Compared with August of the previous year, which was 21 months later, it turned to growth. Due to the effect of the exhibition held in Chicago in September, exports to the United States increased by 27.4% to 29.7 billion yen, a record high, with strong performance in Europe and the United States

on the other hand, the weakness of the Chinese market, which accounts for the proportion of foreign demand, is becoming more and more obvious. Among exports to China, orders for electronic and precision equipment such as electronic manufacturing services decreased by 62.9% year-on-year to 2.7 billion yen. In addition, the order value of general machinery, which is closer to the actual economic situation, also decreased by 15.6% to 5.4 billion yen

the Payne effect of the filling system, which is indispensable for factory automation, mainly comes from the air compression equipment of the packing network. Saito Keshi, head of securities research at Nomura Securities, said that the sales of AIRTAC, a Taiwanese air compressor company, in September 2018 decreased by 2% over the previous year

90% of the company's sales come from Chinese Mainland. As of May, 2018, the growth rate had maintained a steady growth, but after entering June, the growth rate plummeted to about one digit. Saito said that the US tariff increase was initiated in July, but (according to the observation data) the impact of the punitive tariff initiation has been introduced to you as follows: appearance

in 2018, the monthly order volume (separately) of the precision reducer manufacturer, harmonic drive systems, which is used in various production equipment such as industrial robots and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, decreased by about 60%

in view of the slowdown of China's economic growth as the main sales channel, there are hidden worries about the deterioration of performance in the future, so the share price of machine tool concept stocks shows a downward trend. In the Tokyo stock market on October 23, the share prices of FANUC and Toshiba machinery hit new lows since the beginning of the year

what is still fresh in the memory of relevant market participants is that on October 10, Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. released the reduction of the full year forecast for fiscal year 2018 (as of February 2019). Murakami, the company's special executive director, said last Tuesday that in addition to trade frictions, the deterioration of capital turnover of Chinese enterprises is also one of the reasons why equipment investment has turned to wait-and-see

Seiichi Miura of Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities said that although the Chinese government may take economic stimulus measures, it will take a long time to produce results. The market is becoming sensitive to whether the performance of relevant enterprises that will be fully launched in the future will be expanded as Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. does from April to September 2018

Masayoshi Amano, special director of Japan Machine Tool Industry Association, put forward his views on China's export orders, saying that it is difficult to say that it has reached the bottom. To what extent has the impact of the trade war, which shows the risk of intensification, expanded? For each machine tool enterprise, the situation that the risk cannot be eliminated may last for a period of time

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