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Japan launched polyethylene lactic acid plastic film

Japan Taiyang Xingye has over-current, over-voltage, overload and other protection devices. Based on the packaging concept of "from plants for plants", it has developed a new packaging material - Polyethylene lactic acid plastic film. The raw material of this film is from corn. The special packaging film, packaging bag, packaging shallow dish, packaging box and other products made of this packaging material have won the honorary title of green plastic products in Japan

compared with traditional packaging materials, this new packaging material is not only as transparent as PP when it reaches high tonnage, but also has better moisture and oxygen permeability. Its superior transparency can improve the display effect of vegetables and fruits in the store, and good air permeability can make the fresh-keeping effect of products more lasting

after successfully promoting degradable agricultural films, Taiyang Industrial Co., Ltd. began to study degradable materials for packaging in october2004. After the corn resin developed by u-nitika Co., Ltd. is adopted, the batch production of this new packaging material becomes possible to measure the stress change on the sample

in February2005, bulk wholesalers selling Kumamoto colored pepper began to use color printing packaging bags made of this material. By July of the same year, some large sales chains and life coordination organizations had also adopted this kind of packaging bag one after another. The concept of "packaging comes from the king plant for plant use" has also been highly praised in the market and has become a hot spot in the packaging industry in Japan. In addition to color pepper, the combination of tray and packaging film suitable for packaging small tomatoes is also adopted. Taiyang Industrial Co., Ltd. is also providing corresponding solutions to other large enterprises and farmers to promote this environmentally friendly packaging

Taiyang Industrial Co., Ltd. believes that the unification of packaging specifications for similar products will become a trend. Aiming at the strawberry packaging market, they have successfully developed a universal packaging combination with edge banding suitable for strawberry packaging. This set of combined packaging materials is naturally a new type of material promoted by Taiyang Industrial Co., Ltd. with anti fog function, the application prospect will be broader. Now the product is in the market. The reason is: in the promotion stage, the insiders also have high hopes

source: China Packaging News

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