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Babies can't walk, crawling is their way forward. Therefore, in the decoration design of the baby room, we should consider laying carpets and matching some dolls, small toys, etc. I'm sure you'll like some of the decoration renderings of the baby room below

a small cloakroom is also designed in the small baby room. The embedded wardrobe design is divided into two layers by taking advantage of the small characteristics of children's clothes, which not only shows the powerful storage function, but also saves space. Placing the crib against the wall can make room for children to play

the most eye-catching thing about this baby room is the design of the wall. The matching of large and small circles and vertical stripes, blue, black and chocolate colors, even cold colors, can also make the room colorful. The huge pins on the wall are very creative. A floating window is also designed to let children rely on it and let their dreams fly

if you think the simple chocolate wall is too monotonous, an interesting wall sticker is a good choice. A wall sticker of a tree with English letters on one side makes the whole space full of childlike fun. A small bed leaning against the wall, looking at the interesting wall to sleep, will you also dream of Alice's Wonderland

who says giraffes must be yellow? In the world of children, the world is so colorful. The wide striped pink and chocolate colors on the wall match, highlighting the key colors of the space

maybe you will think that jujube and chocolate will be too deep. This case boldly combines these two colors to create a space with jujube like sweetness. Striped walls and curtains of the same color complement each other





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