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For many small rooms or offices, in order to maximize the use of space, they often choose a small bookcase as a storage place, which can reuse the spare desktop and wall. These small bookcases are not only practical, but also very beautiful, providing users with a good collection space. Which style of small bookcase is better? Now let's recommend some small bookcase pictures for you

appreciation of small bookcase pictures

this small bookcase looks very clear, with beautiful lines, and the collocation of brown and white is also very coordinated. The separated design, no matter how many books are classified, don't worry. If you are a more emotional person, you might as well leave a space for placing plants, which I believe will bring a different vision to the room

the small yellow bookcase brings a visual impact. I believe some little girls are very fond of this kind of bookcase. Placing it in the small study or office area has a very good effect. The style design is novel and fashionable, and the capable and simple shape design makes it unique in the decorative effect

I believe that many people can't help but want to buy it home when they see this shape. The small wooden bookcase shows the natural simplicity incisively and vividly. The square design of the diamond in the middle is very distinctive. After placing some books or green plants, the effect is better. At the same time, the fashionable shape design also plays a very important role in improving the visual effect of the whole space

small bookcase picture appreciation — Small bookcase type

1. Small bookcase on desk

this is a relatively common style at present. It is very convenient to collect some books and folders for daily use. Although it takes up a small space, it has a great capacity, and has the advantages of convenient carrying and moving. Therefore, it is widely used by office people. In terms of material, most of it is solid wood, and there are also a small amount of plastic or metal materials, The price generally ranges from 50 yuan to 300 yuan

2. Creative small bookcases

these products have the beauty and practicality that ordinary types do not have. To a large extent, they develop and utilize the wall surface, which is pleasing to the eye. However, due to the complexity of its installation, the cost of production will be higher. Generally, the cost of creative small bookcases on the first floor is more than 400 yuan, the cost of creative small bookcases on the second floor is more than 700 yuan, and the cost of creative small bookcases on the third floor is about 1000 yuan, The price is also relatively high

3. Students' small bookcase

it is mainly for students to use. It is generally presented in a splicing style, and the price is affordable. Most of it is made of plastic boxes and metal materials. The market price is generally about 20 yuan to 100 yuan, with an average price of about 40 yuan. In addition to the advantages of low price, this kind of bookcase is light in texture and convenient to carry and transfer

summary: Well, the above is the introduction about the appreciation of small bookcase pictures. I hope to provide you with some help. I believe that in the future selection process of small bookcases, friends will be more handy and buy satisfactory products





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