The latest elastomer resin catalyst

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New elastomer resin catalyst

recently, equistar chemical company and Proctor & Gamble (p&g) reached an agreement on the joint development and industrialization of a new metallocene catalyst, which can be used to produce elastomer resin with propane as raw material. According to the agreement, equista will obtain the metallocene catalyst technology of Proctor & Gamble and cooperate in the commercial production of the elastomer resin. Proctor & Gamble has spent three years on this technology

using this new technology, homopolypropylene with the properties of elastomer resin can be obtained for the first time. This material can be used in packaging, medical and health care, nonwoven fiber, automobile interior decoration, construction, household goods, wires and cables, etc. Equista said that at present, there is no elastomer resin of the same type in the market. Although the technology is still in the initial development stage, it has obtained products with good performance. Proctor & Gamble believes that through cooperation with equista, it will build a plastic production plant in the local special economic zone to accelerate the commercialization of the technology. It is expected that the global warming potential will increase by 130% in the next two years New products can be launched within three years

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