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Twilio, a leading cloud communication provider, launched a programmable wireless platform

translated by Lao Qin ye

cti Forum () on April 27 (compiler/Lao Qin): twilio has always supported the developer community to enhance the improvement of the communication platform. This week, they announced the universal availability of another platform to support further solutions

twilio's programmable wireless is a cellular mobile communication platform that uses simple APIs to support a wide range of connectivity solutions. IOT has aroused great interest from all walks of life in the past few years. Now the connectivity terms that twilio developers are committed to will be open to millions of users through their platform

The IOT business heads of

evan cummack and Chetan chaudhary

twilio Chetan Chaudhary and Evan cummack explained the reasons behind the new development

we feel that the example of writing and deploying software around the world like you use software does not really exist in today's IOT world. It has connectivity and different connectivity options. Our goal is to provide unified connectivity for IOT devices and provide global access for developers

even with the hype surrounding IOT and the possibility of connecting devices it brings, people generally believe that we are at the limit of its ability. According to the prediction of the maximum working speed of the piston: about 100mm/min, in the coming years, there may be billions of antibacterial plastics under the "sharing economy" of the Taiwan Federation, or it may usher in good development. The equipment will use the powerful ability of interconnection to realize various functions, many of which have not been envisaged

this is our basic belief. If we can lower the entry threshold and create equal opportunities for developers, we can innovate in both hardware and software

previously, it was a challenge for enterprises and developers who were creating connected devices to find connectivity solutions that met their needs. Traditional systems and procedures used by existing connectivity providers prevent and slow the adoption process, and the acceptance of the developer community is slow. This limits the development of large enterprises. The widely used solution of twilio will provide unified connection services for all usage based pricing models using twilio

evan cummack is glad to see the potential use cases of IOT equipment. Now twilio can understand it more widely and explain why it is difficult to implement it in large areas in real buildings? The author interviewed some construction enterprises how important they are to the development of IOT industry

you need more developers to build more use cases, not every application can succeed. You need many people to try many different things. Connectivity is one of the most important platforms. It is very important that it can provide connectivity to the whole world in an easy to understand way

twilio SIM card

all devices connected to the Internet need a user identification module (SIM), which is all standard components today. As part of twilio programmable wireless, twilio will provide developers with SIM cards to access connections in more than 120 countries around the world

in addition to wide availability, twilio also ensures a developer friendly API priority platform, enabling developers to start building IOT solutions

by creating such a widely available connectivity platform for developers, twilio is a leader in promoting global innovation. As twilio said on their own SIM card, it will be very interesting to see what the community can now build

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