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The new energy level standard is expected to be issued next year. The second China energy saving, water saving and environmental protection science and technology new products Expo held recently announced that the state is organizing some home appliance manufacturers to draft new energy level standards. The evaluation of new energy-saving products will refer to the consumption of cattle production and use. The new standard is expected to be issued in 2006

according to the current regulations, household air conditioners and refrigerators produced, sold and imported after the introduction of the new standards must be labeled with the words "China energy efficiency logo" to indicate the energy saving degree of the products. Previously, although most household electrical appliances have been labeled with energy efficiency labels, they are the behavior of enterprises themselves. The state has no unified mandatory standards for offshore engineering equipment and high-tech marine materials. At present, the "China energy efficiency label" posted on air conditioners and refrigerators is in accordance with the national unified standard, which is divided into five levels. According to the energy efficiency ratio, air conditioners and refrigerators are divided into five levels. Level 1 is the most energy-saving and level 5 is the lowest. (1) pressure adaptive oil source is adopted. Products lower than level 5 are not allowed to be sold

(information source: Packaging News)

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