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Landa CEO blog shows the latest progress

"We have continuously made great progress in all aspects. The printing machine used by users has been upgraded to 7 colors and has been put into full production. It can print 6500 pieces per hour, with bright and vibrant colors, covering 96% of the Pantone color gamut. Our first Landa s10p nano image printing machine with automatic reverse double-sided printing has been installed and immediately put into production. It produces and sells various kinds of printing moving parts. Before We have never explored new market opportunities and improved work efficiency in the production process. Fogra (German Fogra Printing Technology Research Institute) has tested our printing machines and certified our color quality. But the most gratifying thing is that our early trial production users are already in full commercial production. We have seen that a user can produce 65000 b1/41 inch marketable printing sheets a day on a printing machine. We believe that this number will continue to be broken soon. "—— Recently, Yishai Amir, CEO of Landa, posted the latest progress of Landa nano digital printing on his blog. The production capacity and technical performance of the equipment have been greatly improved. The two fortresses of speed and printing quality of traditional offset printing equipment have been occupied. The future is not long

all over the world

now Landa S10 printing press has been installed in graphica Bezalel, Edelmann group of Germany and Schelling group of Switzerland. Jinan Shijin is the first choice for the tension machine. These users are all in the full-scale production mode, selling printed live parts for packaging and display. The second model of Landa, any kind of production Da s10p double-sided printer of LAN for business printing, has been officially put into use in mercury company of the United States. It is a high-quality and efficient work piece that can not be printed on offset printing or other digital equipment for customers

Landa S10, Landa's second printer in North America, is currently being installed in virtual packaging, while the installation of the third printer is also in progress. Zhongrong Printing Group Co., Ltd. (ZRP), Landa's first user in China, is ready to receive their Landa S10 printing machine, which will be Landa's first printing machine in Asia

the first Landa s10p has been fully put into production at Mercury print productions in Rochester, New York. (from left to right) John place - CEO of mercury, nachum Korman - General Manager of Landa digital printing Americas, Christian schamberger, President of mercury

the world also has great interest in Landa W10 flexible packaging printing machine, and Landa W10, the first Landa W10, will be shipped this year

never stop action

Landa's factory in Israel is receiving a large number of guests, who are eager to know what our nano imaging technology can do for their business. Visitors can visit the nano image technology laboratory, printing test laboratory, manufacturing plant and the new demonstration center. They are amazed at the high quality, vibrant color printing and ultra-high production speed. With the potential of printing business becoming increasingly apparent, people are increasingly interested in Landa's printing press

customer first

with the growth of Landa's user base and production capacity, the company is further expanding its printing machine and ink manufacturing capacity, and continues to be committed to providing first-class user service and support. Landa focuses on ldquo; Copper powder is almost used in the success of users in various fields of production and life. Therefore, with the expansion of user base, Landa will continue to improve the necessary training and support system

Landa's first user in Europe, the printer operator of Edelmann group and its CEO Oliver Bruns (right) stand in front of their Landa S10

Landa's 7-color printer has started full production at the user site

graphica Bezalel and Edelmann group have successfully completed the 7-color upgrade of their printer. The seven nanoink colors (cmykogb) do not sacrifice printing speed - 6500 b1/41 inch sheets are always printed per hour, covering up to 96% of the Pantone color gamut. This enables Landa users to print more brand colors with their Landa nano image printing machine

looking forward to the future: bigger and better, more

Landa will not stop there. Looking forward to the future, the company has more ambitious goals. Nano image has become a reality in the world. This year, Landa will deliver more printing machines to more users in more countries around the world. The user base is growing and will grow faster and faster

yishai Amir's sample deformation is basically uniform everywhere. He is very excited to see that Landa has begun to establish more long-term cooperative relations with users at this moment, and is also glad to see that Landa nano image printing technology printing machine is opening more business opportunities for them

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