The latest development of stereo printing

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New development of stereoscopic printing

stereoscopic products have three types: stereoscopic, animation and variation diagram. The changing effect is completely different from the traditional plane printing. Because of its exquisite and novel and moving characteristics, three-dimensional products are easy to catch people's attention and impress those customers who pursue novelty and vitality. These features can improve the added value of products, and become an excellent means for customers to promote products and improve market image and novel advertising media. This product has been popular in Europe and the United States for many years, and there is a great demand for it

at the same time, we should also see that stereoscopic printing also has a large market in China. In addition, the prepress technology (software) and printing of stereoscopic printing are almost the same as those of ordinary printing. Ordinary printing plants can take it as a new investment project, especially when the cost of stereoscopic printing can be accepted by most printing plants, Ordinary printing enterprises can increase their profits through this new investment project. Comparatively speaking, stereoscopic printing is more profitable than traditional printing

during the interview, which was also influenced by the booming development of China's automobile industry and tire industry in recent years, many interviewees provided us with a variety of 3D printing application fields that can be developed. Expanding the application field of stereoscopic printing is an important content of developing stereoscopic printing

1. Three dimensional animation

animated three-dimensional films can obtain dynamic pictures by changing the observation angle. If the printed three-dimensional print is called three-dimensional space print, and then the dynamic factors are added to combine the three-dimensional sense with animation, a new four-dimensional space print can be produced. This kind of stereoscopic printing is more novel and has been applied in many fields

2. Large format advertising

light box advertising with stereoscopic printing is not common now, but there have been many attempts. As large format advertising printing has high requirements for gratings and inks, this kind of application is not much in China, mainly because the production cost is too high (generally the batch of advertising products is small). However, many people in the industry are still very optimistic about this application, because the competition in the light box advertising market is fierce, and advertisers must come up with some new and more attractive forms to attract customers. At present, the manifestation of stereoscopic printing is the best, and there is no need to invest expensive costs. As long as the technology is strictly controlled, exquisite stereoscopic printing can be produced. Therefore, in the near future, such an updated form of publicity media will certainly be favored by advertisers

3. Anti counterfeiting function

the imaging technology of stereoscopic printing itself is equivalent to adopting the optical encryption and anti-counterfeiting method, which can not be simply imitated like ordinary printed matter. This technology can be applied to the anti-counterfeiting identification of tobacco, alcohol, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, drugs and other products. Some experts boldly predicted that in the near future, three-dimensional printing trademarks will inevitably become the main anti-counterfeiting method

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