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Editor's note: why do beauty and personal care product manufacturers prefer labels in today's diversified packaging choices? Decision makers and experts from the world's top label printing companies gathered together to talk about the development trend of label technology for beauty and personal care products. Low cost, arbitrariness of color matching and flexibility of label use are the main reasons why people choose labels from all packaging techniques. The extended label, the label with texture texture, the social responsibility and value concept of "home and country forever" and the shrink sleeve label are the main characters discussed by experts

for general flexible packaging manufacturers normal> Speaker: Elisha Tropper, President of prestige label company

normal>ws packaging group, multi-dimensional product manager of ampersand label company, Paulette carnes

normal>paris art label company, vice president of operation Ron tarantino

normal> John McDowell, sales manager of McDowell label and silk printing company, Leslie Gurland Zhongwang, vice president of logotech company, can provide Design, material structure design, aluminum body production line design, simulation analysis A series of services such as sample car output

normal>dow industries image manager Andre michaud

normal>dow industries president Andy farquharson

normal>macaran printing company general manager Nick van alstine

normal>stoffel seals company Department Manager Gary henzl


normal> packaging silently transmits various messages to consumers, some express fun, and some introduce technical principles, Some should be xuankang. No matter what the information is, the packaging must be clearly stated. If this is not done, consumers will give up their goods and continue to look for them on the shelves. In the beauty and personal care industry, labels have become a way to express differentiation in commodity sales. Elisha Tropper, President of prestige label, said, "packaging plays a key role in highlighting the image. Our personal care and cosmetics customers want to try their best to spread the value structure of the PLLA bone fixation devices on the market now through trademarks. There is bioscrew reg; in their products."



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