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The latest development of corrugated paper processing industry for a long time, North America, led by the United States, has always ranked first in the world in corrugated paper production. However, in 2003, Asia leaped beyond North America and Europe to become the world's largest corrugated paper production continent. If measured by the output of a single country, the corrugated paper output of the United States is still in the leading position in the world, followed by China and then Japan. Asia has a strong purchasing power, a complete industrial base, excellent labor force and rich natural resources. It has a strong advantage and market potential in the international corrugated paper field

at present, in terms of technology, the international corrugated paper processing industry has the strongest development momentum in the following aspects

1. Micro corrugated paperboard

while domestic micro corrugated packaging is still exploring technology and production, micro corrugated packaging has been applied to various fields abroad. In addition to making color printing packaging boxes, micro corrugated cardboard can also be used as a lining to replace traditional cushioning materials, and can also be used to make poster corrugated cardboard display racks. In recent years, enterprises in the United States, Sweden, Germany, Spain and other countries have begun to expand the production scale of F-shaped corrugated board and G-shaped corrugated board, and began to explore the deeper direction of micro corrugated board. Smaller corrugated types such as n-shaped corrugated board and O-shaped corrugated board have been applied. The quantity of corrugated board used in Europe has decreased from 550 ~ 570g/m2 to 510 ~ 520g/m2. It can be said that in the fields traditionally occupied by fiber cardboard boxes, such as wine, small appliances, shoes, hardware tools, microelectronic products, computer software, counter sales exhibits, fast food, etc., micro corrugated boxes have launched a "struggle" to compete with them for the market

2. Heavy corrugated paperboard

in heavy packaging cartons, some are made into prismatic shapes, and some are made into octagonal shallow disc-shaped bottom and cover, and then SMM online news: when the pressure of automobile fuel consumption is pressed step by step, the adhesive structure is used to form a heavy packaging container. This large container carton in Japan can hold plastic granular materials weighing up to 3.45 tons (the size of the carton is 2.5 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height). The ultra-rigid high-strength multi-layer corrugated board with staggered bonding in the vertical direction overcomes the difference in the direction of the comprehensive strength index, and has the advantage of complementary phase strength. It is used as the bottom plate of heavy packing cases and pallets, which can be seen on the pallets and pallets of imported goods, exhibition machine tools and product containers

3. Environmental friendly corrugated paperboard at present, German enterprises have put forward three new requirements for the corrugated boxes used for packaging when importing food: the outer boxes shall not have wax paper or oil separator; Use glue to seal the box as far as possible. PVC or other plastic tapes are not allowed. If plastic tapes have to be used, pe/pb free tapes should also be used; The outer carton can't be nailed or clamped with any metal plastic nails, but can only be glued on all sides. German enterprises put forward these new requirements for food packaging cartons to facilitate the recycling of cartons, reduce environmental pollution and prevent food pollution caused by packaging

4. Color printed corrugated paperboard

carton transportation packaging is gradually developing to commodity sales packaging. The printed text and patterns of cartons should be clear, beautiful, bright, multi-color and strong three-dimensional sense to beautify the packaging. Carton printing has gradually developed from monochrome and two-color to four-color. The requirements for the accuracy of printing machinery have been raised, and flexographic printing should also be developed. The yellow paperboard used for box printing is gradually replaced by white paperboard, which still has a great demand for the foam granulator industry. The development of white background color surface printing, how to replace oil-based ink with water-based testing machine compression test ink, and how to replace offset printing with flexible printing, so as to achieve a beautiful, clear and bright box surface, improve the added value of goods, meet environmental protection requirements, and have no pollution, has become a future trend

5. Waste paper treatment technology

the countries and regions with the highest recovery rate of waste paper are Hong Kong, Germany, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, China, China; The highest utilization rate of waste paper is Mexico, Taiwan, China and South Korea; Mexico's papermaking absolutely depends on waste paper raw materials; The United States strongly advocates the recycling of waste paper, and promotes enterprises to use waste paper to produce cardboard and packaging materials; Although Germany lacks fiber resources and draws a blueprint for the future development of power batteries every year, it needs to import a large number of commercial pulp and paper. However, due to large consumption and high waste paper recovery rate, a large number of waste paper are exported every year

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