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Development trend of body interior trim the interior trim of a car is the part where the human body is in close contact with the vehicle. Excellent exterior decoration design will attract customers' attention, but it is the interior trim that really moves customers, because most of the time dealing with cars is in the car

interior designers attach great importance to the requirements put forward by customers, and work closely with relevant engineering design departments to create well-designed and exquisite interior

1. Design and development of car interior

1.1. Dashboard

dashboard is the most important part of interior decoration and can be regarded as one of the standards to measure the process level and artistic style of different manufacturers

as the framework material of dashboard, European cars are mainly made of pc/abs and reinforced PP and ABS. The United States expects that domestic mines will still be in a weak position in the near future. Most cars in China are made of styrene/maleic anhydride SMA. This material has low price, heat resistance, impact resistance and good comprehensive performance. Japanese cars mainly use glass fiber reinforced San, but also use modified PPO with better heat resistance

the new instrument panel framework is integrated with the air conditioning duct and the instrument panel metal beam, which is not only light in weight and low in cost, And ANN "Our technical experts not only do the whole project in the laboratory, but also have small vibration, which is suitable for different modeling needs.

Faurecia has recently developed a high-performance instrument panel molding process. The upper body of the instrument panel does not need a skeleton, but directly foams between the skin and the instrument panel skeleton. This saves material costs and improves the appearance quality.

the vacuum composite process is compounded with the ABS skeleton through PVC or TPO skin, with large rounded corners and consistent skin lines The skin elongation is required to be good. In the process of vacuum compounding, plastic spraying and plastic lining, the minimum fillet can be 0.5mm, which has the best appearance quality. At present, the instrument panel skin materials and processes have developed from traditional PVC sheet vacuum molding and plastic lining to Pu spray molding and TPO negative mold vacuum molding with higher surface quality and better overall performance. TPO skin is widely used because it is superior to PVC in weight, lateral impact, environmental protection and price

1.2. Seats

at present, car seats have become a high-tech product with complex technology, complete functions, ergonomics and even orthopedics and physiological hygiene. It has a variety of adjustment mechanisms, such as backrest tilt angle adjustment, head restraint height front and rear and both sides adjustment, seat length adjustment, etc. Many cars, especially high-end luxury cars, are also equipped with rear electric seat adjustment mechanisms, such as Nissan Fengya, Lexus 430 and other high-end models. In addition to the above adjustment mechanisms, the lumbar support adjustment, thigh support adjustment and backrest zigzag are also designed to optimize the sitting posture of passengers

in addition, the seat can also be equipped with functions such as rotation, vibration massage, electrical heating, ventilation and perspiration as required, so that the passengers can get the maximum pleasure and enjoyment during the journey

it can be seen from the recently launched models that in order to improve the front and rear view inside the car, the rear seat headrests of Toyota are mostly L-shaped, while the front seat headrests of Honda are mostly hollow

with the increasing emphasis on riding safety, the application of seat side airbag and active head restraint (neck protection) is becoming more and more popular. The American Society of highway safety insurance has a clear evaluation index for neck injury during rear impact

for models sold in North America, the passenger automatic sensor AOS/OCS is required on the front passenger seat. For the European market, the passenger sensor is not mandatory, but it is generally required to have the passenger seat airbag off switch to protect the children sitting in the front row

great attention has been paid to the protection of child occupants in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries, and corresponding regulations and standards have been issued to require that the rear seats be designed with ISOFIX lower anchorages to fix the child seats. China's child occupant protection regulations are currently being formulated

1.3. Door interior trim panel

as the main design areas of the interior trim are concentrated on the instrument panel, auxiliary instrument panel and door trim panel, and the design is required to be harmonious and consistent, the materials and processes used for the door interior trim panel are basically the same as those used for the instrument panel

in view of the pressure of product cost, the process of door trim panel of some medium and high-end Japanese cars has been simplified to the upper part covered by skin and the lower part is ordinary injection molding, such as the newly launched Camry car. In response, the lower part of the instrument panel is also simplified to the injection molding process

there is generally no map bag for the rear door trim panel of economy cars. The map bag that can be opened up and down on the Citroen C6 door trim panel is a very novel structure

in addition, the rear door trim panels of medium and high-end cars are equipped with manual side window sunshades, and Lexus ls460 is equipped with electric side window sunshades to enhance the luxury level

1.4. Topping

the processing method and performance of molded topping mainly depend on the properties of the substrate. At present, the commonly used top decoration base materials include Pu, pp+ glass fiber, pp+ fiber, pet, etc

the top decoration is divided into molded top decoration and soft top decoration according to the structure. At present, the soft top decoration has been gradually replaced by the molding top decoration

for the fitting area that is difficult to control for the molding top decoration, such as the sunroof opening, the iron frame and Velcro are usually added around the top decoration to set the shape, or the sunroof opening sealing strip is added. The front part of Toyota's sunroof sunshade has a step feature, which can effectively block the gap between the front parts that are easy to see in this environment

1.5. Steering wheel

the steering wheel framework has magnesium die-casting, aluminum die-casting, steel welding and other processes. Surface materials include PU foam, real leather coating, solid wood or wood shell coating, etc. According to different shapes and functional requirements, the steering wheel has two spokes, three spokes and four spokes. Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in the development of steering wheel. It has developed a central fixed steering wheel (equipped with a "semi-human" airbag, which protects the head and chest) and a wire controlled steering wheel

the future development trend of steering wheel technology is: (1) reduce the weight and cost of steering wheel, such as lightweight design of framework; (2) Performance improvement, such as collision performance (improving energy absorption); (3) More electronic function integration and airbag module integration, such as transmission gear switch; (4) Improve assembly methods to reduce assembly time

2. Development trend of car interior

2.1. In car comfort

· ergonomics

how to determine the driver's field of vision and accurately arrange the position of control and control mechanism is an important work of ergonomics. The practicality and convenience of storage spaces such as map bags, glove boxes, storage boxes, cup holders, etc. also reflect the attention to detail and humanized design. With the increasing requirements of customers, the maximization design of storage space has also become an important consideration

· interior space

the development trend of interior seating space is becoming larger and larger. Some small cars such as Lefeng and Qida have very spacious interior space. For medium and high-class cars, the rear seat space is even more important. The 3dcad dummy model "Ramsis" can be used to conveniently evaluate the seating space. The application of new technologies has also improved the internal space. For example, the electronic hand brake switch has replaced the traditional mechanical hand brake or foot brake

· seat comfort

at present, the main design and analysis means include CAE analysis (ram-sis and comfort simulation software), pressure distribution test and subjective evaluation of road test. Through design experience parameters, CAE computer analysis and professional subjective evaluation repeated several times during development, very comfortable seats can be designed

2.2 interior modeling

the modeling style of the interior reflects the aesthetic orientation. For example, Nissan's Teana and Qida reflect the simple and comfortable Nordic home style; Volvo cars has the Scandinavian tradition of northern Europe, which is elegant, concise and functional

2.3. Unified coordination

the unified coordination of interior decoration focuses on details. The following aspects are usually considered

· decoration

wood grain or solid wood, chrome plating and other embellishments, as well as fabrics applied to the top decoration, column and other areas can create a warm interior atmosphere. Artificial leather and leather upholstered seats, door panels and other parts increase the luxury and taste of the interior

· appearance

the thickness, distribution and gloss of skin lines of plastic parts and skin coated parts have an important impact on customers' vision. At present, some Japanese models have adopted leather patterns similar to the fabric style, which does not affect the visual effect and reduces the cost

· lighting

at present, the design department has recognized the important role of internal lighting design in setting off the internal environment. In addition to traditional lighting, environmental background LED lights of specific colors are added to balance various lighting or backlights to achieve unified coordination

· color

good use of color can create a good visual effect. Small cars mostly achieve design effect through rich and varied colors, while high-end cars mostly choose single and stable colors to reflect their grade through materials and decoration

29. Multi language random switching: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English 4. Safety

· energy absorption and occupant protection of interior parts

the regulations on internal protrusions for collision protection put forward requirements on the design shape of interior parts, such as rounded corners. Fmvss201u North American head impact protection regulations force the top trim parts and column parts to also carry out energy absorption structure design

in order to meet the requirements of side impact regulations, the door trim panel shall be designed for anti-collision, such as the installation of foam anti-collision blocks, and the size and shape requirements of the side impact area. The side impact regulations also put forward higher requirements for the bearing capacity of seats

· occupant health

in order to protect occupant health, the national implementation plan for environmentally friendly vehicles issued by the state environmental protection administration limits the concentration of air pollutants in vehicles. The automobile environmental protection laws and regulations that have attracted much attention will be issued soon, which puts forward higher requirements for the use and restriction of interior materials

foreign automobile companies have taken the lead in this regard. Volvo's car interior has reached the Oeko-Tex100 textile standard, and interior items such as fabrics, threads, carpets and safety belts have been certified by Oeko-Tex. The leather for interior decoration adopts natural plant extraction method and chrome free leather making process. The new Volvo S80 has an interior specially developed for allergic patients, and its air quality has been certified by the Swedish asthma and Allergy Association

2.5 dimension matching

due to the importance of dimension matching, many automobile companies add the product quality characteristics that affect matching to the product drawings for key control. How to set the dimension matching target, dimension development and verification is an important part of the interior project development

2.6. Low cost

modularization of interior trim system: including modularization of cabin system, roof trim system and door interior trim panel system. For example, the door trim panel module designs, manufactures and supplies electrical parts (such as horn, electronic harness, etc.), mechanical parts (such as window lifter, door lock, inner door handle) and interior parts as a module, greatly reducing the development and manufacturing costs of the main engine plant

parts sharing: interior parts such as seat adjustment handle, auxiliary handle, interior lamp, etc. will not directly affect the components and systems of the OEM brand, and can be shared in different models and platforms to achieve economies of scale in the development process and save time and cost. In fact, this is also an important strategy for the global engineering of the automotive industry

lightweight materials: nonferrous metals (magnesium, aluminum) and advanced composite technology can

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