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1. Give children a separate study and play space

the decoration and decoration methods of children's room should depend on the child's age and gender. Preschool children and post-school children have different requirements for room functions. Therefore, according to the preferences and living habits of boys and girls, carefully grasp and customize, and the atmosphere of the bedroom should be rendered and created differently

2. Choose color according to gender

to cultivate the sentiment that boys are like men and girls are like ladies, it is very important to choose and adjust the color of children's room. Generally speaking, boys like cyan series (cyan, cyan, cyan), and girls like red series (red, Fuchsia, red, orange). Colorless and yellow series of colors are gender neutral and acceptable to both boys and girls

3. Children's beds should be "elastic"

children are like watery bean sprouts, which grow one section a day. It is wise to choose an adjustable elongated bed. A bunk bed that can make full use of space is also a good choice. The lower floor is for children to sleep, and the upper floor can become a place for children's entertainment. Various toys can also be stacked here. It is also convenient for the elderly or nanny to take care of children

4. Reserved display space

preschool children like to doodle on the wall at will. They can hang a white board or cork board on their activity area, such as the wall, so that children can have a place to doodle and post freely. This will not destroy the overall space, but also stimulate children's creativity. Children's art works or handmade works can also be placed by using display boards or adding a laminate frame in a corner of the space. One wall of the balcony is pasted with smooth small tiles, which can be painted repeatedly for easy cleaning. It can not only make children have fun, but also save mothers' troubles

5. Convenience

you don't need to buy all the supplies at once, but you can gradually add them according to the pace of children's growth; Use the design that is convenient for classification and storage, because children often have more things, which need to be stored in an orderly manner, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to children in the room, but also let children learn to take care of their own things





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