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The reporter learned from the quality supervision department yesterday that the "China wood door industry standard" will be implemented from August 1. It is reported that this is the first national standard for wooden door industry. The standard requires that the wooden door manufacturer should mark the product specification in a prominent position,

the decorated room. Due to the collapse of the whitewash flat roof, the indoor furnishings have been damaged, and even casualties have occurred before. The main reasons are:

(1) the floor slab bottom of the house is uneven, the whitewash leveling layer is too thick, or the impurities attached to the floor have not been removed

(2) the formwork of the cast-in-situ concrete floor is installed carelessly and unevenly, or waste engine oil is used as the release agent, linoleum or fiberboard or even paper is used to fill the formwork seam, which is not cleaned before painting

the above two conditions cause poor adhesion between the plastering layer and the floor slab, resulting in hollows and even cracks. Without inspection and eradication during decoration, the flat roof is directly embedded with Pingju paint. Coupled with the vibration of impact drills and other machines and tools during decoration construction, such a flat roof collapses after a certain period of time

therefore, when decorating the flat roof, the remaining original paint layers must be checked one by one, and the hollowed and cracked paint layers must be removed and redone. Pay special attention when using machines and tools with high vibration, and try not to vibrate the floor before the repair paint layer is not firmly bonded. At present, relevant departments are considering canceling precast floors in residential houses, adopting cast-in-situ concrete floors, and requiring the flatness of the bottom of the slab, canceling flat top painting, and adopting batch inlay leveling, which is an effective measure to avoid the collapse of flat top painting

when the household decoration adopts the whitewash flat roof, pay attention to check whether the whitewash layer is firmly bonded, not hollowed out and not cracked. It can be checked by observation and tapping with a small hammer

why the lifting flat roof collapses

accidents of casualties caused by the collapse of the lifting flat roof have been heard from time to time. The main reasons for the collapse of the hanging flat roof can be summarized as follows:

(1) "nail facing the sky". There are many ways to fix the suspender and the floor, including driving the wooden tenon into the floor (concrete floor), and driving (holding) the wooden tenon with iron screws or screws facing the sky; Some use steam nails to fix wood materials facing upward, so as to fix the suspender; Or use shooting nails to drive into the concrete floor towards the sky to fix the upper lifting point of the suspender; Or fix the primary and secondary keels or wooden suspenders with iron nails nailed to the sky. These all belong to the category of "nail to the sky"

(2) "flat nail". Instead of hanging the flat roof with a suspender, fix the keel of the hanging flat roof directly with a needle on the side of the surrounding wall or beam, so as to fix the hanging flat roof

(3) boom overload. The Suspenders for lifting the flat top are scarce or too thin, and the weight of the flat top exceeds the force that the suspenders can bear

(4) the wood suspender is split or the steam needle is too short or too few

in the above four cases, when the room is just decorated, the ceiling will not collapse immediately, but after a period of time, due to the friction of nailing * nails into the floor, the ceiling will bear the weight; The flat roof is only fixed around, and there is no suspender in the middle of the keel, so the keel is bent down; Few suspenders; The wood suspender is split or the nail is nailed into the length is insufficient or too thin; A long time or when the flat roof is vibrated, it will cause a flat roof collapse accident

therefore, the above four situations should be avoided in the process of flat roof construction. When it is necessary to connect and fix by facing upward, expansion bolts or special expansion pipes shall be used. Connect the primary and secondary keels with screws. The flat keel shall be connected with suspenders, and the access flat roof shall be reinforced with f6~f10. The wooden suspenders can be 50mm '50mm or 40mm' 40mm; 4 galvanized steel wires can be used as Suspenders for the flat roof without access. The spacing of suspenders is generally 900~1200mm, and the spacing of main keels should not be greater than 1200mm. When fixing the lamp on the keel, it needs to be strengthened. For the installation of ceiling suspenders and keels, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out before the installation of ceiling panels, generally by hand test, ruler measurement and observation




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