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Outdoor wall lamp is a kind of wall lamp, which gets its name because it is used outdoors. It is usually installed on the outdoor wall, and some products can be installed on the outdoor lamp column wall. Compared with indoor wall lamps, outdoor wall lamps have better waterproof performance and are mostly closed structures, which can prevent the erosion of outdoor rainwater on lamps and lanterns and prolong the service life of lamps and lanterns

for outdoor use, wall lamps are generally used in scenic spots, parks and some public places. It can not only play a function of auxiliary lighting, but also achieve a certain beautifying effect. This kind of outdoor wall lamp is widely used in today's society, and its shape and type are also different according to the actual situation. Next, I will introduce the installation of outdoor wall lamps and the classification of outdoor wall lamps

installation of outdoor wall lamp

1. Determination of installation position of wall lamp

as the distance determines the lighting effect, it is necessary to consider the convenience of installation, maintenance and maintenance, so generally, the height of wall lamp needs to be about 2.2-2.5m from the ground, but if it is on the workbench, it needs to be about 1.5m from the working horizontal line. The wall lamp in the bedroom only needs to be about 1.5 meters away from the ground

2. Lighting preparation

first, connect the connection wiring of the wall lamp, and use the wiring that can be connected through the control switch. Then, for the exposed wiring, the pull switch is used, and for the concealed wiring, the concealed piano key switch needs to be selected. In addition, the switch selection of outdoor wall lamp needs to ensure whether the operation organization of the switch is sensitive and light, and whether it can instantly achieve the effect of random switch

3. Fixation of wall lamp

after the position and lighting are determined, the first thing to install is the work of wall lamp holder. At the beginning, it is necessary to fix the lamp holder by using embedded parts or drilling methods, and then install the inner core and fix it on the wall. First try whether it can work, and if possible, add the fixation work of fixed wall lamp

classification of outdoor wall lamps

1. European wall lamps: European wall lamps originated in the 1980s, mainly represented by decorative applications in the British royal family. It was introduced to China in the early 1990s. It has only been applied in the domestic decoration industry in the past two years, mainly in the decoration engineering of star hotels, senior clubs and villas, to reflect the elegance of European aristocracy

2. Rural wall lamp: the whole room reflects a strong humanistic atmosphere, and simplicity and nobility complement each other. It makes the whole room feel very charming

3. Crystal wall lamp: crystal wall lamp adds a little aura to the simple space now, so young people generally prefer crystal wall lamp when choosing lighting. The bright and gorgeous crystal gives people a grand and luxurious feeling

4. Modern wall lamp: decorate the spring bedroom with various bright flower elements, and decorate an elegant arc wall lamp at the head of the bed, making the spring bedroom more elegant and romantic

outdoor wall lamp manufacturer

1. WeiPai street lamp factory

Zhongshan Guzhen WeiPai street lamp factory is a large enterprise integrating design, development, production, retail, wholesale and engineering. With more than ten years of outdoor lamp production experience, in order to continuously improve the design and production level of domestic street lamps and connect with the international level, we have developed international street lamp lighting products in terms of design. In order to meet the landscape requirements of different environments, develop lighting fixtures with different functions, integrate the light distribution performance of street lamps and the reflection characteristics of different objects, and develop innovative street lamp lighting technology; In terms of the development results of the courtyard lamp series, it meets the lighting effect of the urban environment, and establishes high-quality, efficient, economical, beautiful, safe and reliable products, providing a variety of choices for people who pursue perfection

2. Jinhui Lighting Factory

Zhongshan Guzhen Jinhui Lighting Factory is located in Guangdong Province with “ Lighting capital of China ” Known as the ancient town of Zhongshan City, it is an enterprise specializing in the production of outdoor lighting products, integrating R & D, production, sales and engineering installation. Over the years, Jinhui lighting has always adhered to quality as the life, continuously introduced production equipment, developed excellent technical talents, and constantly innovated, laying a solid foundation for long-term development in the future. With years of lighting production experience and advanced and perfect production equipment and testing system, each product is improved and refined almost critically, and the brand of energyhui shows vigorous vitality. The unique, novel and exquisite production technology provides perfect services for customers

3. Jinfeng Lighting Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Jinfeng Lighting Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of lamp production experience and engineering lamp service experience. Its products include marble copper lamp, imitation marble lamp, Spanish marble lamp, natural marble lamp, all copper lamp, hotel lamp, Club lamp, villa lamp, etc., which is designed to provide all kinds of lamp customization for hotels, clubs, villas, mansions, real estate, office buildings, cinemas, theaters, entertainment centers and other high-end places, Undertake household villa lighting projects. At the same time, Jinfeng lighting integrates lighting design, production and sales. By using its R & D advantages, it is committed to continuously developing new products, and has been highly praised by users for its good quality, new style and high value

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