How to create the right European style decoration

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Many young families like European style when decorating their houses. They are favored for their simple and comfortable colors and brief design. So, how to choose European style furniture decoration? How to create the correct European style decoration

1. Furniture

should be commensurate with the European details on hard decoration, such as the dark red sofa, with Western retro patterns and a very westernized shape. The brown solid wood side table and dining table chair have fine hand carved patterns, and the general atmosphere and tone are thus set

2. Wallpaper

you can choose some distinctive wallpapers to decorate the room, such as wallpapers painted with Bible stories and characters, which are very typical European style

3. Lamps and lanterns

shiny steel lamps and lanterns are a big failure, which is difficult to tolerate with European style. It is best not to have gorgeous and delicate crystal lamps. It can be some lamps with soft appearance lines or soft light, such as iron branch lamps, which are not bad choices, with a little modeling and a little simplicity

4. Decorative painting

a room decorated in European style should choose a picture frame with cumbersome lines and heavy appearance to match it. And it doesn't exclude gold painting, carving, or even looking more grand. On the contrary, this is exactly where the style is

5. Color matching

the base color of European style is mostly white and light color, and the furniture can be white or dark, but it should be a series, and the style should be unified. At the same time, the fabric and texture of some fabrics are very important. The fabric of linen and canvas is not suitable, and the silk fabric will appear more noble

6. Carpet

the main role of the ground in European style decoration should be played by carpet. The comfortable foot feel and elegant unique texture of the carpet complement the collocation of western furniture. The best choice is that the pattern and color are relatively elegant, and the ground that is too fancy may conflict with the tranquility and harmony of European classic

from the choice of furniture to the matching of wallpaper, lamps and decorative paintings, the color matching of the whole space and the floor are all important factors in matching European style. Custom furniture Deville mall www.dwejia Com customization hotline: 400-8822-118 more styles, more hot articles, waiting for you to search




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