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Many owners choose the location facing the street when buying new houses. Although the street view is very beautiful, many noise in the future annoy the owners. In the face of this situation, we should first do a good job of sound insulation when decorating. How is the decoration sound proof? Five tips to tell you, next and Wuhan home improvement network Xiaobian to learn, I hope it can be helpful to you

first, improve the sound insulation performance of doors and windows

the first step of sound insulation is to improve the sound insulation performance of windows. Generally, if you want the sound insulation performance of new houses to be good, you need to use the structure of double-layer windows, and doors are generally the weak link of sound insulation, so you need to pay special attention to this link. When shopping for doors, consumers should choose a heavier door, which will reduce some noise if it fits closely. The sealing of doors and windows is good, and the sound insulation effect will naturally be better

second, enhance the sound insulation performance of the wall

you can choose to remove the original wall and rebuild the sound insulation wall, or add another sound insulation wall in the room where you want to sound insulation. In addition, the indoor walls can also be made into a rough effect, so that the sound waves can be refracted many times, which can reduce the noise. For example, diatom mud and wallpaper, which are common in our daily life, are OK

third, create a room in the room

now some people need a small room with good sound insulation at home for work reasons. At this time, we can build a room in the room, for example, make another compartment in the room, and carry out strict sound insulation measures on the walls, floors and ceilings

IV. install sound insulation sealing strips

there will be many cracks in both doors and windows, which is also one of the ways of noise transmission. We must not ignore these details when decorating, and remember to use sound insulation sealing strips to block all kinds of cracks

v. use sound-absorbing cotton

in the decoration stage of the new house, one or more layers of sound-absorbing cotton can be paved on the ceiling, wall, ground and other places to isolate noise in an all-round way. It can also avoid the transmission of indoor sound and the generation of echo. (recommended reading: four tips for sound insulation in bedrooms)

there may be more sound insulation methods, but I hope these methods listed above can help everyone and create a quiet and comfortable living environment. Well, if you want to know more professional home decoration knowledge and more authoritative ranking information of Wuhan decoration companies, you might as well pay attention to Wuhan Decoration bidding with the editor of Wuhan home decoration network now, leave your community name + contact information in the article, and the customer service will arrange several suitable decoration companies for you at the first time after seeing it, and make an appointment with the designer to measure the room for free. The early comparison is free! What are you waiting for? For details, please click:





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